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Blogger copyright said...

Copyright law originated in the United Kingdom from a concept of common law; the Statute of Anne 1709. It became statutory with the passing of the Copyright Act 1911. The current act is the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.

Types of work protected: Artistic

photography, painting, sculptures, architecture, technical drawings/diagrams, maps, logos.

Restricted acts

It is an offence to perform any of the following acts without the consent of the owner:

Copy the work.

Rent, lend or issue copies of the work to the public.

Perform, broadcast or show the work in public.

Adapt the work.

The author of a work, or a director of a film may also have certain moral rights:

The right to be identified as the author.

Right to object to derogatory treatment.

Copyright Licensing Agency
Saffron House
6-10 Kirby Street
Tel. 020 7400 3100

Is work still protected on the Internet?

It makes no difference how the work is stored or published, the law still applies.

In the eyes of the law, ignorance is no excuse, and the penalties can be very high.

UK copyright law is very unforgiving, and if the original author of works presses charges against you, there is no such defence as 'sorry I didn't know'. If you violate copyright you will get sued and charged with infringement. In civil cases you can even be made to testify against your own interests.

To have a copy is not to have the copyright. You are committing an offence by forwarding or extracting this information.

Infringement of UK copyright

Copyright is infringed by:

* Making copies of the work.
* Issuing copies of the work to the public.
* Renting or lending the work to the public.
* Performing, showing or playing the work in public.
* Communicating the work to the public.
* Adapting the work or doing any of the above in relation to an adaptation.
* Authorising any of the above acts.

Civil and criminal liability may be imposed on those who knowingly deal with infringing copies of a copyright work in the course of trade/own use.

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