Monday, 12 April 2010


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Nic i tried only last week to end the arguing but there's no reasoning with you. Not only are you making yourself look bad by all the playground name calling but i have also noticed a lot of the guys have now stopped talking to you on vibe.


Kyle is the main course of most arguments on vibe with his continual obsession with creating fake profiles and his yearning desire with being all things female. He has now taken it upon himself to follow me to flirtomatic where he can currently be found masquerading as a black transsexual guy. That's all i have to say about him, he's not worthy of anymore of my time.

Suzy Eyevibe

Having sought my own legal advice i have decided to re post images of the people who ruin vibes community spirit for the majority of it's users. Below are vibes own t&c's on the distribution of videos and images published to the site. I have highlighted the points in question which govern the rights to re distribute images.

3.1 We will own all rights in your Content once you submit it to the Service. This means you assign all rights in your Content to Us and you also waive all moral rights in that Content. As We will be the owner of the Content, we can use and exploit it in any manner, and in any media (including TV and the internet), without payment to you (other than as set out in section 4 below), and We may, without notice to you, grant the same or other rights in respect of your Content to third parties without further payment to you.

2.5 You acknowledge that, if posted on the Service, your Content may not be forward-locked which means that, once downloaded by users, it may be forwarded by MMS or email or otherwise to third parties without restriction and without further payment to you.

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